Confession: I’m an aquarium owner. I have a whole system set up in my living room, and sometimes I just… stare at my fish for hours.

It’s not weird, okay? It’s actually good for you! In fact, owning an aquarium can be really beneficial—and not just because they look nice.

Not only do aquariums look nice, but they are great for mental and physical health. Having an aquarium has been shown to reduce blood pressure, lower cortisol levels, and increase feelings of relaxation.

Studies conducted at the University of Essex showed that watching fish in an aquarium lowered blood pressure by 5% and heart rate by 3%. The same research also showed that having a fish tank reduced stress levels by 12%.

It also helps with arthritis pain as well as increases your overall quality of life!

Having this type of calming influence in a home is especially important when there are young children or teenagers living there.

Aquariums also serve as natural humidifiers for homes with dry air. This is especially beneficial during the winter months when many people use heating systems that dry out the air inside their homes or apartments.

In addition to their aesthetic and therapeutic value, fish are also relatively low-maintenance pets. They don’t require walking or grooming, which means that you can spend more time enjoying their company, and less time cleaning up after them!

If you are looking for something fun to add to your home that everyone will enjoy, consider an aquarium. It’s one of the easiest hobbies to get started in and can provide hours of enjoyment for people of all ages.

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